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Founded in May 2020 by Scott Hickman, The Detechtor started as a personal blog about the latest technological innovations. Now, The Detechtor has opened up to anyone with something interesting to say about tech innovations, by accepting guest posts! You can submit a guest post in Health, Business, Smart Life and Environmental Tech, and Tech Reviews.

Why Write For The Detechtor?

Guest blogging is an amazing way to share your knowledge with a new audience, gain valuable backlinks to your website, and build your writing portfolio.

By writing for The Detechtor:

  • You get 2 Backlinks to your website, blog, or other articles.
  • Your content gets seen by our audience.
  • Your article will be shared across all our social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram and LinkedIn at least twice (except Instagram)!
  • Your article will be featured on News Now, a news website with more than 50M monthly visitor which has accepted us as a publisher.
  • Your article will also appear on our Flipboard account, which will then be organically discoverable on the platform.
  • Your article will appear on our Google News account.
  • Depending on the quality of the article, it may be featured in our weekly newsletter.

What Can You Write About?

The Detechtor publishes articles in quite a few categories, related to technology:

  • Business: Finance (Fintech, Cryptocurrency), Tech Startups, …
  • Health: AI in Healthcare, Apps, AR, …
  • Smart Life: Home Automation/ Smart Devices, Software, Gadgets, AR/VR, …
  • Environmental Tech: Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture, Sustainable Tech Innovations, Green Transportation, …
  • Reviews: Gadgets, Software, Apps, Devices (we do accept listicles), …

For examples relating to each category, please navigate to that category (menu bar) and read some of our latest articles.

For the guidelines please keep reading …

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Before submitting your pitch, please read the guidelines:

  • Your content must be, unique, relevant, well-written to be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, don’t bother submitting it – we will check Copyscape and Google before publication!
  • Contributors can’t republish the same article anywhere else once it’s been published on The Detechtor. If we find this has happened, we will remove the article with prior notice.
  • All guest posts must be in English.
  • Posts should be between 600 – 2000 words.
  • Please do some keyword research (longtail keywords are preferred) for SEO. This means your article will have more chances of being found via Google.
  • An article should have proper formatting, headings, sub-headings, images, graphs, tables, etc. to provide additional value. The articles should easily readable.
  • The article should comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • All images should be original, licensed or public domain, (no copyright infringement). You can get free images from Unsplash, Pexels or others.
  • All links in the post should be to relevant and quality websites. This includes your 2 backlinks which must be to relevant posts/articles that you have written.
  • Unnatural outbound links will be removed without prior notice. We are bound to comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

For examples of what to write about, please read some of our latest articles.

Submit Your Pitch

    Please allow up to 1 week for us to review your pitch. If after that time we haven’t contacted you back, please assume we have passed on your pitch.

    If We Accept Your Pitch

    If we accept your pitch, you will then receive an email with further instructions on how to provide us with your article. We would also appreciate it if you followed our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram and LinkedIn) this will allow you to be notified when we share your post so you can retweet, leave a comment, …

    Additionally, we recommend you sign up for our weekly newsletter, that way you will know if your article has made the cut!

    Looking For More Guest Blogging Opportunities?

    Want to find other guest blogging opportunities beyond The Detechtor? Here’s a list of search terms to help you out!


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    • “guest post” Renewable Energy
    • “guest post” Gadgets
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