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The Best All-in-One Productivity Apps for Staying Organised

With the pandemic, working from home has, for many, become the new normal. Although this new way of working has its benefits, such as getting rid of commuting, employees or even students can find it hard to stay organised and productive when outside of the confines of an office or University. However, no need to worry, as always there is an app for that! Here are some of the best All-in-One productivity apps to help organise your work and improve your productivity.


The first of these apps is Todoist. I have used Todoist many times in the past, and I can safely say it is one of the best-designed to-do list apps out there. It syncs across all of your devices and tracks your productivity.

Source: Todoist

You have the ability to set tasks (even recurring ones), group them into projects, add a priority and assign them to a team member so everyone knows what they’re doing!

One of the features I like the most is the use of natural language input. If you want a task to repeat every Tuesday, you can type “ev Tue” right alongside the task name, and Todoist will create a new instance of the task due on the next Tuesday every time you complete the previous one!

The app is free to use, with the option to subscribe from $4/month to supercharge your productivity! You can check it out here.


Source: Asana

The next app is Asana. Although I have never personally used Asana, it is loved by productivity enthusiasts! Focusing on projects, Asana allows you to manage your teams work in a beautifully designed app helping you track everything from tasks to workflows. View different views for your projects and tasks, such as boards, lists, and timelines, you can customise it to your teams’ needs. It also boasts over 200 integrations with apps such as Google Calendar and Zoom, allowing your apps to work seamlessly together.

Although the basic version is free, the Premium subscription is $13.49 per person/month, Business $30.49 per person/month, and for Enterprise you’ll need to contact the company.


Notion is my personal favourite for organising my work. I use it for everything from book notes, to organising my articles (such as this one)! Calling itself “One Workspace. Every Team” it has to be said that Notion is incredibly versatile.

Source: Notion

The app, which operates around what it calls “Databases” syncs across all platforms. You can do anything from simple to-do lists to linked databases within projects within pages.

The downside, however, is that Notion has quite a steep learning curve. With all these possibilities it’s easy to get lost, so you may want to watch a YouTube video or two before you get started. It also, as of yet, does not have an offline version, so if you need to take notes on the go, and won’t have access to the internet, you may need to consider something different. You can check out every Notion has to offer here.


Friday calls itself “Your Cloud HQ”, and I would say that is an accurate description. Built for individuals and for teams, Friday lets you map out your day and stay in sync with your team.

It integrates perfectly with your calendar app to let you visual your day in one place, and the same goes for your tasks. It even lets you set aside time to focus, making sure you stay in the zone by blocking distracting websites!

You can also create custom routines and share notes with your team so you never miss a thing.

It is free to use for the basic plan, and then offers a subscription starting from $4/month and from $6/month per person for teams! Check it out here.

Bottom Line

Stay productive when stuck at home can be hard, but thankfully a whole host of apps are there to make your life easier. Whether you’re studying at home or working remotely, the apps in this article will help you make the most out of your time at home, and make sure you get things done!

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