Flipboard review: All the Best News in One Place

First released in July 2010, Flipboard aggregates content from social media, news feeds, photo sharing sites and other websites, presents it in magazine format, and allows users to “flip” through the articles, images and videos being shared. The service can be accessed from the web at or on its mobile app.

In this article, I’ll go through what makes Flipboard special, and what some of its best features are.

The Flipboard Magazines

Flipboard offers a unique way for users to organise their content which is thanks to its “Magazines” that allow you to save content that you find directly on Flipboard or from the website of you choosing. You’re even given the possibility to add an RSS feed to your Magazine for an automatic content stream. You can then “flip” through the articles/blog posts/… that you’ve saved.

Furthermore, Flipboard isn’t just great for readers, but content creators can also create Magazines for their blog posts, articles, or stories and share them with users!

This brings us to Flipboard’s second feature…

The Social Aspect

As I mentioned above, there is a definite social aspect to Flipboard. You can follow users that curate content you enjoy, or just follow specific magazines that cover subjects you’re interested in. With more than 145 million users there’s plenty of content to enjoy, even big newspapers are on the platform like The Guardian, The Verge or even The New York Times

(and if you’re interested, The Detechtor also has its own Magazine for you to go follow)!

As you add content to your Magazine you’ll have the possibility to share them to your social media if you want more people to read what you’re reading and even have the option of adding contributors to your Magazines if want to create one with a friend.

The social aspect of the platform really does make it unique compared to simply reading articles on the original website, it feels like being part of a community.

Flipboard TV

A recently new addition to the Flipboard mobile app is Flipboard TV, a curated video service featuring professionally-produced content across a variety of topical areas, including channels devoted to News, Business, Politics, Entertainment, and Technology. It’s 100% free and includes content from sources such as Variety, US Weekly, Rolling Stone, Barron’s, Bloomberg Media, The Recount and many more!

Flipboard TV interface on the app.
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That’s it for our opinion on Flipboard, here is a link if you want to check it out, and if you’d like to follow our Flipboard Magazine you can do that here!

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