Authenticator Review: One of The Best Apps to Manage Double Factor Codes (2FA)

When we manage the double factor codes of our accounts we have several options. The point is that most of them don’t offer everything you would expect from an app like this. Fortunately, the 2Stable developers have created Authenticator, an app with which to manage those really round single-use codes: multi-device, iCloud synchronization, and much more.

One app to rule them all

The interface of the app is very simple and at the same time well organized and hierarchical. The simplicity, however, should not distract us from the potential of this app. In a few words, I can say that you can tell that it is an app made by a person who uses double factor codes every day. For me, Authenticator meets all the requirements to become my go-to app for two-factor codes. Let’s see a list of its strengths:

  • Sync and backup: This is the most important point. Two-factor codes are too important to see without after a device restore or something similar. Of course we can store the secrets for the generation of account codes in the iCloud keychain, good practice, but that Authenticator takes care of synchronizing everything safely through iCloud is a great advantage in comfort and security .
  • Multi-devices: There are many devices from which we can access our accounts and a 2FA (double factor) app must always be available. Authenticator is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.
  • Offline access: It is obvious, but not all other solutions on the market offer it. With Authenticator we can generate the codes even if we do not have an internet connection.
  • Widgets: A great way to have our codes visible on the home screen and make sure we can use them on our accounts without interruptions.

But the virtues of the Authenticator go even further. Something of interest is being able to save the backup codes, which we can use to access our account if something with the 2FA is failing. The app allows us to add this information to keep it safe.

The app is free for basic use. This means that we can store our codes and use them, but without access to synchronization. To be able to unlock all the functions, the annual subscription is 5.49 euros per year. Much? Well, it will depend on the opinion of each one, but for me clearly not. An app that can be financed on a regular basis is an app that is maintained, cared for, updated. For something as important as my double factor codes, I see more than correct to pay 0.45 euros per month.

Bottom Line

It is clear that at a time when we use more passwords than ever, and that the accounts that these passwords protect contain more and more information, it is important to use two factors. What is one more step? What is more complex? Maybe yes, but the security that the system offers should be reason enough. And if we want maximum comfort, here we have Authenticator.

Interested in using Authenticator? You can purchase the app for free via the App Store.


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