5 Great Technology Podcasts to Look out for in 2021

Podcasts are a great way to discover something new and stay updated on the latest developments in your industry. Whether you’re in the car, cleaning up or working out, a podcast is a great way to make your everyday activities a little more enjoyable. Here’s a list of 5 great technology podcasts for all the latest in the tech industry.

The Vergecast

The Vergecast is a weekly technology, tech news and news podcast. Every Friday, Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn discuss the latest in technology, along with the rest of the Verge’s staff. Instead of focusing on one aspect of the technology industry, The Vergecast covers everything from Big Tech to Social Media, to the latest devices and gadgets. With episodes ranging from 30 to 50 minutes, this podcast is great for making sense of the latest in tech, each week.

Fintech Insider

Fintech Insider is one of the best technology podcasts, and a personal favourite, for all things banking, technology, financial services and of course the intersection between all three: fintech. It’s hosted by a rotation of 11:FS experts, including David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates, Sarah Kocianski and Ross Gallagher. Twice a week they are joined by a range of guests, to discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the industry. These trends include APIs, AI, digital banking, cryptocurrency and more. Whether you’re a fintech expert wanting to stay updated with the latest, or simply want to learn about the industry, this podcast is a must!

Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman Podcast is a technology, science and society podcast. It’s hosted by Lex Fridman (obviously), a computer scientist and AI researcher at MIT and beyond. With episodes lasting between 2 to 3 hours (for those long drives), Lex has in-depth conversations with various experts. In each episode, Lex discusses AI, science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.

The Detechtor Podcast

I couldn’t make a list of technology podcasts for 2021 without mentioning The Detechtor Podcast, hosted by me, Scott Hickman.

With new episodes every 2 weeks, I discuss some of the latest technological innovations set to change the world! Categories include innovations in business, health, environmental tech and daily life. Opting for short episodes (from 5 to 10 minutes), you can easily add them to your schedule.

Listen to my latest episode on electric vehicles, and what’s stopping them form entering the mainstream vehicle market here.

The Wired UK Podcast

The Wired UK Podcast is a weekly, award-winning podcast. Every Friday, James Temperton and the team give you an informed and entertaining rundown of the latest technology, science, business and culture news. Episodes range from 40 minutes to 1 hour, and just like The Vergecast, are the perfect way to finish a week of technology news.

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