5 Common MacBook Problems & The Ways to Deal With Them 

Mac users are not usually worried about technical issues as it seems to be an impossible affair. But as with any other technology, problems do arise with Macs, leaving the users frustrated because they have spent a lot on buying the most sophisticated device. 

MacBook’s battery drainage, sudden data loss, unfunctional logic board, inappropriate sound, or app failure are some of the common Mac issues that demand immediate action. 

The problems and the solutions mentioned in this article are not limited to any single Mac model; in fact, they apply to all computers running macOS, whether desktops or laptops. Some of these problems are simple, and you can fix them at home, while some are more advanced and demand technical expertise for resolution. We recommend you backup your computer before you initiate a workaround so that you can restore data in case you delete any file accidentally or terminate an important process leading to data loss.

Battery Is Draining 

Any laptop, regardless of the macOS or Windows, works perfectly during the initial years and starts displaying problems over time. Battery fault is the topmost issue, but luckily there are many potential ways to fix them. Start with inspecting the charger as it might be damaged. For more information, visit to find easy ways to fix the power adapter. 

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Keep a check at the apps running in the background to detect ones that are consuming considerable power and battery. Also, check if your computer is running multiple resource-heavy apps in a single instance and all of the applications are consuming battery power. Disable or quit unnecessary apps on locating them on the computer. 

Mac Is Not Booting Normally 

When you find difficulty turning your Mac on, you think of power issues or inappropriate shutdown, or similar minor issues. Having this problem once or twice is not a problem. The actual anxiety begins when the problem continues to occur repeatedly, and you see no potential solution to get rid of it. 

When the Mac motherboard is at fault, you experience such issues. Your computer might have insufficient memory to boot, and you may need to add more RAM to fix the problem. It could be the faulty power adapter due to which your Mac is not getting enough power supply. Repairing or replacing the logic board may also help bring the computer back to normal condition. 

MacBook Is Displaying Question Mark

Does that flashing question mark annoy you, and you have no clue why it happens? This happens when your computer fails to find a bootable OS. Another probable reason could be operating system corruption. Check if your hard drive is working properly and that there is no sign of damage. 

Insufficient RAM sometimes prevents your laptop from starting properly, and you see the question mark. If your laptop starts anyhow, navigate to the Activity Monitor to check the apps that are consuming the most RAM and storage. Next, analyze if you need these apps or not; if not, delete them right away. This will release the memory and help you claim storage space. 

Screen Is Faint or Flickering Continuously

Faint LCDs are another common problem that macOS users face over time. Not only is screen flickering annoying, but it also hampers your work productivity greatly. While everything seems to work just perfectly, the computer screen display alone is not visible. If you use a flashlight, you will be able to see dim images. 

In this case, check if the power cables and the outlet are working appropriately; else, you may need to repair them immediately to resume your work. More often than not, the operating system may have become obsolete, resulting in improper display. Other than that, it could be corrupt or outdated software that is preventing the screen from starting properly. 

Audio Is Not Audible

Hardly anything is more annoying than finding the audio issues when you have less than five minutes left for a meeting. In this short duration, you can only unplug and then plug in the audio jack to check if it starts working. Alternatively, check if the WiFi is working properly and try to reset the router as there might be an issue with the video conferencing app. 

If you have another pair of headphones, try connecting them to attend the call. If nothing works and you do not have another set of earphones, the best way is to inform your managers of the situation. After that, take time to identify the reason behind the audio malfunctioning. You may need to get it repaired. 

Bottom Line

Macs are powerful devices that give you access to thousands of new features and functions. Similar to any other operating system, macOS also puts you in dicey situations where you find it difficult to use these devices to work normally. That’s when you need to learn new ways to fix Mac errors to save money on repair costs and resume functionality. 

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